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Wasps and Potential Problems In Late August

Wasp with Hoverfly

At this time of year many of us start worrying about the potential of being stung by wasps. As August progresses the likely hood of being stung by wasps which have become aggressive becomes more of an issue.

Possibly you have a wasp nest and are worried about being stung. NPC receive numerous call-outs with respect to the treatment of wasps every year and therefore you are not alone.

Every year Queen wasps emerge in the Spring and at this point they start working on new nests. By the time the Summer months have arrived there can be up to 300 eggs being produced every day and in the region of 5,000 adults feeding grubs and building the nest structure.

Closeup view of wasps and huge nest below asbestos roof

Wasps can be extremely aggressive and therefore will attack without much provocation.  Many have tried in the past to remove a nest by setting fire to it, dousing with water or even using a baseball bat.  All of these methods can be dangerous, especially as wasp nests are made of chewed wood.  The chewed wood forms a thin papery type substance which is highly flammable.  Setting this alight can often mean damage to property.  Dousing with water or using a baseball bat does not kill the wasps and therefore the risk of being stung by a swarm is highly likely.  For those suffering, as a result, anaphylactic shock, the outcome could be deadly.

Our pest prevention Technicians are experts in the removal of wasp nests.  Thoroughly trained, with appropriate clothing and possession of the right equipment, and this ensures safe removal of the wasp nest.

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