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Often it is hard to believe that a small gap under a door or around pipework to a building, can be enough to allow rodents to enter.

In fact, if there is a gap large enough to push a pencil or pen through, then rodents will be more than able to access your premises. These areas will form a good egress point when rodents are looking around for harbourage.

Proofing your premises can save thousands of pounds, by avoiding the damage that rodents can cause once inside your premises. From chewing electrical wires to contaminating foodstuff. The price can be very hefty, and therefore, now is the time to survey your premises for any proofing work required. As the colder weather arrives rodents will be looking for harbourage.

The image above shows quite clearly a point of egress for rodents and obviously requires proofing to ensure rodent activity is kept at bay.

If no gap is present then egress has been blocked to rodents and their search will continue for harbourage elsewhere.

NPC undertake proofing surveys totally free of charge. These are undertaken by our fully trained pest control surveyors’. The NPC surveyors’ are able to advise on the best and most cost effective methods of proofing your premises.

NPC works across the whole of the East and West Midlands together with Yorkshire, with an experienced team of Technicians, Surveyors, Field Biologists all backed up by service and administrative personnel. At NPC we are proud to say that our reputation and safety record is second to none.

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