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The BPCA (British Pest Control Association) recently reported a surge in rodent activity.  Lockdown together with the colder weather is responsible for driving rats and mice indoors.

Brown rat
Brown Rat

The increase in rodent activity according to what BPCA members have reported is an increase of 51%.

With restaurants across Britain being forced to close as part of the lockdown measures to try and stop the spread of Corona virus.  Rodents have been forced to look elsewhere for a food source.

The BPCA has claimed that around half of the professionals polled since the introduction of the lockdown measures have seen an increase in activity.

The visibility of rats is particularly growing in populated areas, with less footfall across cities having a direct affect on the amount of food available in bins and on the floor.  The rat populations is moving further afield in order to deal with their need for food and to try to find a new source of food and this in turn, is obviously likely to cause more sightings.

Given the current colder weather that the UK is, experiencing the result will be that rats and mice are driven to seek shelter and a food source indoors.  Therefore, the importance of good pest control is paramount to ensure that an infestation does not occur. 

Rats and mice do not hibernate and as a result, are a problem all year round and without good pest control in place it is quite possible that following the lifting of lockdown restrictions businesses will be faced with a rodent infestation to deal with.

Classed as an essential service, NPC Pest Prevention Solutions have been working tirelessly through the pandemic ensuring a professional pest control service is supplied to all of our clients’.  Some clients’ are currently in lockdown and special arrangements have therefore been made to gain access to their premises to ensure continuity of the pest control service.

Obviously, for businesses that have had to close, certain precautions should be put in place to assist their regular pest control contractor.  As part of these precautions good housekeeping as prevention is always the first consideration.  Good proofing to all egress areas for rodents, remembering that a rodent can gain access through any gap that a pen would fit through is imperative.  In addition, storing foodstuffs appropriately and ensuring good cleaning and hygiene processes are in place.

It is important to ensure that your pest control company knows of any changes to access to your premises.  This is in order that they can perform all routine checks and maintenance of equipment, including bait stations.  By employing the services of a professional pest control company such as NPC Pest Prevention Solutions, advice will be provided both during lockdown and when lockdown measures are lifted and businesses are preparing to trade.

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