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It is amazing to think that globally there are hundreds of types of mouse, however the house and field mouse are probably the best know.

Mice can be identified by their pointed nose, small round ears and long almost hairless tail that can grow as long as their body.

The signs of a mouse infestation, apart from possibly hearing scratching, will be droppings (50 to 80 droppings a night), gnawed plastic or furniture, sometimes a mouse will be seen or possibly you may notice their tracks. You may also see grease marks left by mice, as their bodies brush up against walls in your home or work premises. With respect to house mice they do also emit a musky odour.

Whilst mice do have very good hearing and a good sense of smell, they have very poor eyesight. Therefore, mice use their whiskers to help feel the surfaces they are walking along and in addition to sense changes in temperature.

Mice are mainly nocturnal, and in addition, mice tend to build their nests close to a source of food.  The building of nests close to a source of food may be explained by the fact that mice eat 15 – 20 times a day. Tending only to travel up to 8 m from their nests to find food.

Unfortunately mice, as mentioned in previous posts, can cause extensive damage with their gnawing, nest building and defecation. In addition mice have been known to spread disease through their urine, droppings and bedding. Such diseases as Salmonella and Listeria can be spread to humans.

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