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Do Not Forget to Look Both Downwards and Upwards When Considering Proofing of Your Property

Recently NPC have been raising awareness on a regular basis of the colder weather arriving and the importance of proofing to property. Proofing, together with restricting access to food, shelter and warmth are key when trying to protect your home or business against rodent infestation.

It is important when reviewing proofing that not just ground floor level is reviewed but upper areas to property. Rodents are experts at finding egress points and rats are extremely good climbers. This is where a professional pest control Surveyor comes into their own. Experts at identifying where to proof and how to proof with the appropriate products being used.

Proofing Issues to Roller Shutter Door

The above image gives a good example of a point of egress for rodents, to an area near a roller shutter door.

NPC Surveyors are trained in identifying areas of egress for rodents, it is extremely important to have the knowledge of the target pest and exactly how the target pest is accessing the building. This in turn leads to successful pest control.

In the past, we have discussed the cost of damage caused by rodents, added to that the risks to health from a rodent infestation. We are unable to stress how important it is to take action as the colder weather approaches. Should you have an ongoing rodent issue, or feel that you would like a professional survey of your property to avoid the potential cost from rodent activity. Contact NPC Pest Prevention Solutions and one of our trained Surveyors will be happy to advise NPC Surveyors will provide a survey and recommendations which are undertaken totally free of charge or obligation:-

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