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Wasp Stings

Recently you may have read and also seen the images of Ross Kemp who has openly spoken about suffering a number of wasp stings.

Unfortunately Ross Kemp was stung several times on his face and this could be seen clearly from the images he posted. With the wasps having stung him around his lips and nose area. As a result Ross has been warning people to be careful, especially when opening loft areas. The wasp nest was apparently situated on top of the hatch to his loft space.

Image of a wasp nest

Looking at the image of a wasp nest recently taken by one of the NPC Technicians’. It is amazing to know that the nest is made from a substance very similar to paper. Wasps produce this by chewing wood into pulp and then sticking the pulp together with their saliva to form the honeycomb like structure.

Some people believe that the wasps will return to the nest year after year. However, this is not true and wasps build a new nest each year.

Closeup image of a wasp

Whilst it is difficult to believe an insect, such as a wasp can cause such discomfort. Wasp stings can be really uncomfortable but most people recover quickly. Usually, the pain and swelling will recede within a few hours of being stung. However, whilst most people will recover quickly there are a small percentage of the population that will suffer a really bad reaction. This is known as a large local reaction and will usually involve swelling in the affected area, together with pain, inflammation and itching. Medical advice should always be sought when this happens.

The most severe of reactions is known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis occurs when the body, as a response to the wasp venom, goes into shock. This type of reaction requires immediate emergency treatment and the reaction will happen very quickly after being stung. The signs to look out for would be breathing difficulties, wheezing, severe swelling of the face, lips, throat, tongue. In addition hives or itching in areas of the body that may not have been stung. Nausea, vomiting and dizziness will often occur together with a sudden drop in blood pressure. Feeling light headed and possibly loss of consciousness. Urgent medical assistance needs to be sought for this type of reaction.

Our recommendation would always be to seek professional pest control advice if you have a wasp nest.

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