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Wasp Nest Activity During October

During the month of October, if the weather is fairly warm then activity will be seen with respect to wasps. As mentioned in previous posts, care should always be taken when going into loft spaces. Occasionally a nest will be built either near or on top of the access door and this can lead to some very nasty wasp stings. Ross Kemp, earlier this year became a victim of such a wasp attack. The attack left him with some really nasty stings to his mouth and nose and joking that with his swollen lips he looked like Mick Jagger.

Unfortunately Ross accidentally disturbed a nest when accessing a loft space. The resulting wasp attack resulted in Ross having to seek medical attention. He later reportedly told his followers to “Be careful of those critters.”

If you do believe that you have wasp activity at your property, the advised course of action is to call in a professional pest control company and not to try and deal with a nest yourself.

Unfortunately, whilst wasp activity tends to be at it’s height in summer, the wasp is more likely to sting in the autumn. With a shortage of food in the autumn, they are desperately seeking a food source. Often as a result they will be attracted to anything sweet and this will include such things as fizzy drinks. Likewise, the wasp can become more aggressive as they eat rotten fermenting fruit and in effect “become drunk.”

Obviously, if you happen to be within reach of their nest, they will try to defend it and you will inevitably get stung. Therefore try to avoid disturbing or coming within close proximity of a wasp nest.

How you react to wasps can also make a big difference. Reacting in panic by flapping your arms and screaming is a course of action that will make the wasp angry and more likely to sting. However, by keeping calm and just leaving them alone is the best course of action if you want to avoid being stung.

If you should have a problem with wasps at your premises, please contact NPC on one of the following numbers:-

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