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The Life of a Pest Control Technician

The daily working life of a Pest Control Technician can be extremely varied. Often a call out can result in an unexpected sight, such as the one encountered recently by one of our Technician’s.

The images below show honey bees swarming and whilst the sight to the exterior of the waste bin was pretty amazing. The image taken of the swarm to the interior of the bin was really, really, interesting. After surviving the winter, a bee colony can expand to up to 80,000 worker bees in the warmer weather.

It is extremely important to leave bees alone, swarms of bees don’t often stay in one place longer than a few days in their hunt for a home.

Needless to say after a rest the bees flew safely off in their hunt for a new home.

Honey bees swarming to the waste bin

Honey bees swarming, the view to the inside of the waste bin