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The return of the colder wintry weather brings with it the prospect of rodents seeking shelter. As the temperature drops, both rats and mice head for harbourage and a source of food. Before you know it, you are experiencing problems in your home or business which has been chosen for their new residence.

Classic Sign of Rat Activity – The Image Shows Where a Rat has Gnawed on the Door Frame

Unfortunately, once established, a rodent infestation can prove very difficult to eliminate. Therefore, always remember how important proofing is and the fact that mice for instance can squeeze through a hole the size of a pen. In addition rat do not require much more in the way of an entrance into your premises.

When proofing do not forget upper areas as rodents are good climbers and have been known to climb vertically up a drain pipe in order to enter a home.

Here at Nottingham Pest Control we always recommend that all proofing issues should be reviewed and dealt with. Proofing, along with good housekeeping is paramount in avoiding rodent infestations.

At NPC Pest Prevention Solutions we would always advise a thorough survey of your premises (undertaken free of charge) in order to ascertain the best proofing options available.

Please contact NPC Pest Prevention Solutions and one of our fully qualified BPCA Surveyors will attend your premises to provide a free of charge survey and no obligation quotation.

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