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Restaurant Closures Due to Rodent Activity

Brown rat

Unfortunately, rodents are capable of breeding and multiplying at frightening levels.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that business owners and particularly restaurant owners take the necessary steps to protect their business from rodent activity.

How many times have we read headlines such as “restaurant ordered to close after evidence of mouse infestation found” or “restaurant closed following discovery of extensive rat, mice and cockroach infestations” 

First and foremost proofing should be undertaken to ensure that as far as humanly possible rodents are unable to enter the building.  Rodents require a source of food, water and harbourage.  Therefore by taking away the things that make the ideal rodent environment, the less likely a rodent infestation will occur.

As a restaurant owner, the fines can be extremely high should an Environmental Health Officer find evidence of rodent activity.  However, in addition to heavy fines the reputation of a business can be affected in such a way as to lead to a serious decline in customers’ and eventual closure. The presence of rats and mice can quite literally ruin the reputation of a business overnight. 

It is important therefore that businesses take professional pest prevention advice and act upon it.  Prevention should always be the first course of action alongside hygiene standards which should be maintained at optimum levels at all times.

Consider the facts that a male and female mouse could have a litter size between four and eight and five to eight litters a year.  Therefore, they could produce up to sixty-four baby mice in a year and that these mice will be ready to breed further mice within three months. With regard to rats, a male and female rat could have a litter between eight and ten and three to four litters a year.  Again, rats are able to breed within three months. The potential numbers of rodents involved should an infestation occur are literally quite staggering.

If you feel as a business owner that you may have a rodent infestation, NPC Pest Prevention Solutions are available to discuss the situation. At NPC we provide free professional advice, surveys and quotations.

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