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Proofing Your Premises Against Rodents

There is no better form of pest prevention to your premises than undertaking proofing measures.

Stopping rodents from entering a building in the first place is obviously the initial action that should be taken.  Remembering that if you have a gap which a pen can be pushed through then a rodent will have free access to your home or business premises.

Rats and mice can, and do, cause serious damage. This damage includes (but is not limited to) insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing.

When undertaking proofing work the nature of rodents should be considered and it should be remembered that rats for instance can climb almost any rough vertical surface. They can burrow, jump and swim and in fact can drop from the region of 15m without being seriously hurt.  Rats can enter any building where a gap above 1/2″ exists.  Whilst mice will enter a building as we have already said where a gap which a pen can be pushed through exists.  Mice will travel large distances and nest even in extremely low temperatures.

If you have a problem with rats or mice and would like one of the NPC trained Surveyors to attend your premises please contact NPC on one of the numbers below.  Our pest prevention services, including proofing, are provided on a local and national basis and therefore please see the corresponding numbers for your region.  Whether you are situated in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham or outside of these areas our professional team of Surveyors and Technicians are pleased to assist.  All surveys are undertaken free of charge and without obligation.

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