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As autumn fastly approaches and the colder weather comes, rodents will be looking for harbourage and our advice here at Nottingham Pest Control is to look to the proofing of your buildings to prevent egress by rodents.

Nottingham Pest Control Technician Proofing a Door with the use of Bristle Strip

Rodents are good climbers, both rats and mice can climb vertical walls if the surface is rough enough. It is therefore a very good idea to review any foliage, as rodents will use ivy and wisteria as perfect climbing material. Obviously if this type of foliage is growing up to the roof area it will prove perfect climbing conditions for rodents, in order to gain access into the attic or roof space.

Should there be a gap anywhere in your building, this will in turn provide an entrance area for rodents. When reviewing proofing it should be remembered that if you can push your pen through a gap then this will be enough space for a rodent to gain access. Mice need approximately 1/4″ of space to gain access to your property and with respect to rats 1/2″ and they are able to enter your home or building.

Proofing Work Completed to External Door by use of Bristle Strip

It can be a difficult job to ensure that a building, including loft or attic spaces, are proofed properly and therefore it is always recommended to go to a professional. This saves time and money in the long run by creating effective and lasting sealing of all points as identified by a professional pest control expert undertaking their survey.

Here at Nottingham Pest Control we undertake surveys free of charge to provide both advice and professional quotations. At NPC our BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained Surveyors are experts regarding pest control issues including proofing for rodents.

Depending on the building, common access points for rodents can be gaps or cracks in the walls, gaps and cracks around doors and window frames and holes in walls where pipes have been installed leading to domestic appliances.

Once in the building rodents can cause damage costing thousands and obviously some damage can be extremely dangerous. The insurance sector has estimated that rodent damage to wiring is in fact responsible for in the region of 25% of all electrical fires in buildings. Common gnawing areas include the sheathing around electrical cables and obviously this in turn causes fire hazard. Unfortunately, rats and mice can also cause structural damage to buildings through their gnawing, defecation and nest building.

Discovering a mouse infestation often comes from finding droppings, gnawed furniture, sightings or indeed a musky odour. The mouse nest is usually made from shredded fibres. With rat infestations perhaps the sound of scuttling under the floorboards has been heard, gnawing as mentioned around electrical sheathing or droppings have been found. In homes rats tend to live in roof spaces, wall cavities or under floorboards.

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