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“Probe into hospital deaths following infection linked to pigeon droppings”

As mentioned in previous posts, pigeon guano is extremely acidic in content, and as a result can cause permanent damage to building structures. However, unfortunately pigeons are also known to carry a variety of diseases. These diseases can be transmitted through both the pigeons and their droppings.

Pigeons Eating Bread Outdoors

An infection linked to pigeon droppings was stated to be a “contributing factor” in the death of a child at a Glasgow hospital in December 2018. It has been reported that “currently the Procurator Fiscal has received reports in connection with the deaths of a 10 year-old boy and a 73 year- old woman in December 2018 and January 2019 respectively.”

Very sadly, it seems from the recent reports, that the likely source of the infection was from a 12th floor room containing machinery, which was not open to the public. Apparently, traces of excrement were found in the room, and a small break in the wall was found, which was “invisible to the naked eye”. Cryptococcosis has been identified as the infection. However, in addition to cryptococcosis pigeons carry such diseases as Listeria, e-coli, campylobacterosis, histoplasmosis and ornithosis. There are therefore several risks associated with pigeon infestations that arise from inhalation, contact or ingestion.

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