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Pest Prevention and Environmental Awareness

The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle a children’s book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter has
stood the test of time. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for the hedgehog and many
of our wildlife species, which are depleting in numbers.

Whilst it may seem strange to many reading this, that as a pest prevention company NPC
Pest Prevention Solutions publish articles referring to wildlife. Here at NPC, we are extremely environmentally conscious and aware. All of our trained personnel work to a code of practise.

Whilst the hedgehog is depleting in numbers, not purely down to the use of pesticides, including slug pellets, but the change to our garden fencing systems and the increase of cars on
the road. In addition, garden fencing now tends to have no gaps at the base; this in turn restricts free movement from one garden to another (as can clearly be seen in the video) and therefore mating of the hedgehog.  As already mentioned with ever-growing numbers of cars on the road, the hedgehog is at greater risk. It is thought that in the region of 150,000 hedgehogs are killed by vehicles each year.

Whilst a few changes to our gardens, such as gaps in our fences (no larger than a CD), in order to join up gardens and give hedgehogs the space to roam. Reducing the amount of slug pellets and insecticides and taking care whilst driving (especially at night). Would certainly assist in saving the hedgehog population. What about the rest of our wildlife?

Here at NPC Pest Prevention solutions we promote prevention tactics when advising clients and potential clients. Proofing, good hygiene standards and stock rotation are amongst some of the issues our Surveyors discuss on a regular basis. The instigation of good housekeeping leads to better control of potential rodent activity and thereby promotes a much lower requirement for the use of pesticides.

In future articles and blogs on our web site, we will be sharing our knowledge, gained over many years in the pest prevention industry. Discussing optimum ways of how to tackle certain pest infestation issues.

On reading this article, if you feel that you do have current pest infestation issues and would like to discuss these with one of our trained Surveyors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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