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Nottingham Pest Control

NPC are committed to operating and working in a responsible and sustainable way. Intrinsic to our operations is the requirement to deliver measurable benefits for our customers our people and the environment.

Our CSR policy helps us focus our efforts in order to apply ourselves to the following aspects of our business.

  • People- we strive to ensure we have a divers workforce employed in a flexible, safe and ethical workplace. They are also encouraged to develop and maximise their full potential.
  • Environment- we continually evaluate via our accreditations our relationship with the environment and our impact upon it. In addition we look to effectively manage our use of resources.
  • Others- we look to have a positive impact within the communities that we operate and undertake support for various projects and organisations. We also look to help individuals in the quest to make a difference. It’s vital to us that out business development is sustainable.
  • Business- we work closely with our suppliers, customers and support organisations so that we can all operate based on sound principles.