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Often the first signs to the home owner of an infestation of mice is the scratching that can be heard at night.  Closer inspection of the loft area will then reveal mouse droppings.

The damage caused by mice can prove to be not only extensive but extremely costly.  With the potential for causing damage to wiring and therefore the associated fire risk, an infestation of mice should be treated promptly.

It should be remembered that a mouse can access any area that has a gap which a pen would pass through.  Therefore, treating and proofing of the area of infestation is extremely important.

If you believe that you have a mouse infestation why not contact us at NPC Limited for expert advice.  All surveys are carried out free of charge and the BPCA qualified surveyor will be able to discuss both the recommended treatment and proofing work required.

Depending on where you reside, NPC covers Derby, Leicester and Nottingham and on a national basis.  Please see the relevant contact number for your area, pick up the phone and talk to the NPC experts.

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