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Pest birds and their droppings are an ever-increasing problem for Safety Managers’ and others responsible for the Health and Safety of employees and contractors who may be exposed to them.

Over 60 transmittable diseases are associated with pest birds – some of which are fatal to man. Feral pigeon diseases alone include pigeon ornithosis (a mild form of psittacosis), encephalitis, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis, pseudo tuberculosis, pigeon coccidosis and salmonella food poisoning.

Pigeon droppings also provide a home for two pathogenic fungi; Cryptococcosis, which begins as a pulmonary disease and later, affects the central nervous system, and Histoplasmosis.

More than 50 different kinds of ectoparasites, including bed bugs, fleas, ticks, many of which bite man, are carried by birds or found in and around their surroundings.

Salmonella bacteria, also found in pigeon droppings, can be sucked through ventilation systems and air conditioning units, contaminating cooking areas and work surfaces.

Bird droppings also present a physical danger to life and limb, fouling areas where people walk and work, including pavements, ladders and fire escapes.

Clogged gutters and down pipes of commercial premises lead to flooding, while flies and biting insects present an added hazard.

Due to the acidity of Pigeon Guano this can often cause fabrication damage to certain types of building materials

The NPC Surveyors are able to provide expert advice regarding bird infestations and the removal of guano.

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