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A Feral Pigeon Nest Incredibly Made from Discarded Plastic Tie Wraps

Feral Pigeon Nest Made from Plastic Tie Wraps

At Nottingham Pest Control our Technicians’ are used to seeing some very strange sights. However the sight captured in the image above, showing a feral pigeon nest made mainly from plastic tie wraps, is one of the more unusual sights seen.

All Nottingham Pest Control, Technicians’ are environmentally aware and BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained and wildlife protection when undertaken their day to day work is not only a legal requirement but taken extremely seriously by everyone concerned. Therefore, obviously from the point of view of the ever growing problems caused by plastic waste this is a very sad situation for our Technicians’ to witness.

Whilst this image was taken of a feral pigeon nest. It is becoming more and more apparent that wild birds in general are making their nests from plastic and that artic seabirds too are building nests using plastic waste.

It has been found over recent years’ that human waste is often finding its way into birds nests and especially into the nests of Ospreys. The problem unfortunately appears to be a growing one.

The National Geographical in 2015 stated that they believed 90 percent of seabirds were eating plastic and that by 2050 they believed every seabird would be eating plastic.

It is believed that plastic waste kills up to a million seabirds a year. Both seabirds and turtles ingest plastic and this can often cause starvation as the plastic takes up room in their stomachs.

Obviously, the damage caused to wildlife is such, that it should give cause for concern to everyone and all of us should be aware of keeping our environment as clean as possible in order to preserve our wildlife for future generations.

The world is awakening now to the affect that plastic waste is having on our environment. Therefore tidying up at a local beauty spot, grass verge litter picking, taking litter home, being environmentally aware and cutting down on the amount of plastic used can make a slow but progressive difference.

Here at NPC we are continually working and striving as a professional company to undertake our work in a safe manner and always give serious thought to the environment and wildlife around us. We work in a safe manner observing all current legislation in the various pest control tasks that we undertake.

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