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Within the UK we are fortunate to have a varied environment with a wealth of wildlife.

As a company N.P.C pest prevention solutions are conscious that whilst maintaining our high levels of pest control there is a
need both ethically and legally to be aware of the many non-target species among urban and rural wildlife.

Certain species such as bats, badgers, water voles and red squirrel whilst often regarded by people as pests are in fact
protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and are therefore legally protected in the UK. Likewise birds i.e. Kestrel,
Buzzard, Owls and Kites.

There are a number of laws which are specifically designed in order to regulate the pest control industry. As part of this
the law requires that all operators are properly trained and competent to undertake the duties required. This means
following initial training continuing training for professional development is also undertaken.

Many of the methods and materials used to control rats and mice can affect pets and wildlife. All rodent baits are toxic to
dogs, cats and wildlife and therefore caution is always taken in their use. Due to the fact that anticoagulants are cumulative
and slow acting, dead rats or mice may contain several lethal doses of toxicant and secondary poisoning of pets and wildlife
is therefore possible if secondary poisoning is possible, it is not common . Most fatalities in pets involve dogs and are due
to the animal consuming the bait directly (primary poisoning) or a combination of direct bait consumption and secondary

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