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NPC Premguard Service

Originally designed for the food and related industries, the NPC Premguard Service is also compliant with Medical, or any client that requires that extra level of service to meet their ever-changing demands in this competitive market.

Our Premguard service is tailor-made for each client and meets the requirements of all major accreditation bodies
such as the BRC, Soil Association, Marks & Spencer, Tesco etc.

This service includes –

A site-specific report folder containing all Health and Safety information and company accreditations
Routine inspections and treatment carried out by RSPH level 2 qualified technicians for specified pests with dated monitor points identified on site plans and checklists

Machinery inspections
Biologist inspections
Pest trend analysis

As part of the service, the Premguard folder retained on the premises at an agreed point contains an Introduction and Specification, Summary Sheet, Health & Safety, Site Plan, Site Checklist, Reports, Biologist Reports, Recommendation Log, Trend Analysis and Further Information which includes certificates.

The Premguard service will include where necessary monitoring for stored product insect moth activity. This is undertaken using moth pheromone lures. In order to determine that the lures are being changes at the appropriate intervals, NPC Pest Prevention Solutions use lures of various colours, these are changed during the course of the year.



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