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Countdown to New Year 2017

2017 is a short distance away and as expected whilst Christmas 2016 was snow free.  The weather turned exceptionally cold and in certain areas of the East Midlands temperatures in the region of minus 6 were noted.

Whilst most people love to see a white Christmas, unfortunately this is also the time as we have discussed previously for unwanted visitors to gain access to our premises. It is unfortunately possible for rodents to gain access into our homes and business premises through gaps small enough for a ball point pen to be pushed through.  Unbelievable as this may seem, in reality this fact is true, and unfortunately the associated damage from rats and mice can not only be extremely costly but the potential hazard of electrical wiring damage and the knock on effects both hazardous and disruptive.

In 2017 why not consider a survey of your premises by one of the Nottingham Pest Control fully trained surveyors.  Pick up the phone today and arrange your free survey 0115 987 2968